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Gift-mas Day 1: Easy Local Swaps

Disclaimer: All of these ideas are my own and I am not recieving any compensation for sharing about these businesses. I also am not affiliated with any of the businesses listed, so if you make a purchase and run into issues, please speak with the company directly! This is just a collection of locally-owned businesses that I have purchased items at or met over the years.

Merry Christmas! What a doozy of a year 2021 has been! For nearly half of the year we have been hearing news articles about shortages and delays during the holidays. Thankfully, when you shop locally made goods, there is a slim chance that the items you wish to purchase are lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle!

For day 1, let's start with the basics and swap out all of the top gifts that everyone gives for Christmas like candles and candy. Some of you might be seasoned local shoppers and think that this first day is a little too basic, but this is a great starting point for anyone wishing to begin incorporating local into their gifting without getting completely overwhelmed!

Think through your Christmas list with me real quick, what are some common themes that you find? Do you always gift your coworkers a bag of popcorn? Give the kids socks and mittens? Candles and wine for the Aunts?

Let's go through some common gifts and make a few swaps! I'll include some various business suggestions but if you have a local business that you can think of, please use them! And be sure to comment with their name and location for other readers as well!


Socks are such an underrated gift. It wasn't until I became an adult and had to pay for my own socks that I really appreciated opening up that box of socks on Christmas day! This was honestly one that took a little research, but I'm excited about trying out some of these businesses this year. I didn't have to look too far to find a business out of Greenville that sells wool socks, Kentwool Performance and boy do those look comfy! For the dressy men in your life, travel just a few miles over the border of SC to the bustling town of Charlotte where you'll find Boardroom Socks. Lots of fun prints and classic styles for every man in your life.


Warm gear for the winter is another common gift given during the Holidays. With the popularity of crocheting and knitting, there is bound to be an increasing number of smaller local artisans at your local Holiday fair or farmers market that have hand made hats, scarfs etc. If you aren't able to find one, check out My Comfy Apparel, a Charleston based knit company!


If you gift any body wash, soap, lotion or other self care items you are in luck! This is one of the

easiest swaps to make and there are a variety of locally owned businesses that can cater to a wide variety of needs! Looking for a liquid style body wash? Try the liquid castile soap from the Vibey Soap Company in festive and fun scents. If you are looking for a vegan soap with invigorating scents, check out Gifted Hands Artisan Soaps in Greenville and make sure to look at their bath bombs as well! For non-toxic skin care, check out Laughing Tansy's rich blends like the Royal Tansy CBD Honey Face Mask. Give the gift of rejuvenation and exfoliation with festive scrubs from Totally Butter Body Butters. What self care items do you usually gift? Which ones will you be swapping out this year?


Another top gift that people give every year is books! Whether you choose to shop at your locally owned bookstore for the latest thriller or buy a novel from a local author, you can find something for everyone! One book that I have been eyeing to buy for the kid's collection is "Growing Up Gullah in the Lowcountry" by Josie Olsvig. I saw it in a local coffee shop the other day and loved the vibrant illustrations and historical context that it offered. Another easy swap, instead of buying a cookbook from a big time network star, support local chefs and artisans by purchasing their cookbooks.


One of the last top gifts was pajamas. This one was a little difficult but thankfully I was recently introduced to a boutique in Charleston that carries the softest pajamas for the whole family! After doing a little digging, I found that they are also made locally, SCORE! So if pajamas are on your Holiday list, check out the styles at LAKE.

So, are you ready to make some awesome swaps in your Holiday shopping this year? I challenge you to continue to think about your list and find a local small business to buy from instead of your big box stores.

One great way to find locally crafted goods is to visit your local Holiday markets. I try to go to a few markets every few months and really pay attention to all the different businesses and artisans there are! I always grab a business card or follow their social media instantly so that I can remember to purchase from them. This is one of my many secrets to finding so many amazing local businesses and artisans! Check with your local farmer's market, even if it is only seasonal, as some will open up for a few markets during the holidays to feature local artisans. Another great market is the Holiday Market by your local Junior League. Columbia's Holiday Market is going on this weekend and I have found lots of great local deals there in the past!

How do you find your local artisans? I'd love to hear all of your gift suggestions and tips for shopping local in the comments! And be sure to check back in for day 2 because we are going to delve into more ways to gift local!

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