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Gift-mas Day 5: The Kitchen

In South Carolina food counts as a love language all on its own. There is no greater showing of caring for someone than to open your home and share a meal with someone! Not only is food a love language, its also the life bred of our South Carolinian culture. From recipes that have been passed down through generations to products and produce that are rooted in history, South Carolina's food scene is one to be cherished.

There are so many fantastic food products that are made right here in South Carolina! Too many, in fact, that this post would take way too long to write. Thankfully, I don't have to list every product because there are already some great resources to help you find SC made products (known as Certified SC).

Over the next few posts we'll go over some of my favorite products that are made in SC and we will start with the basics first. Below, I'm making a list of my top 3 items that every kitchen should have and including South Carolina artisans that make them!

Cooking Tools There are just a few basics that every kitchen needs: quality pots and pans, sharp knives and a good cutting board. Once you have that down you can really start creating some culinary masterpieces! For a few years, I have been using my Smithey cast iron skillet and I will sing their praises forever. The quality is unmatched and as long as you take proper care of it, you don't have to worry about sticking food or chemical residues getting in your food. It is well worth the money! I asked for my first skillet one Christmas as one of my big presents and have used it daily ever since!

Now that we have something to cook the food in, we need our prepping materials! The second most important item in your kitchen is quality sharp knives. A set of high quality, sharp knives will go so far in your culinary journeys so make sure they will hold up in the long run! There is nothing worse than trying to prep with dull knives. Now, I'm not sure if you have ever owned anything hand forged, but my husband and I were gifted a beautiful set of oyster knives that were hand forged by one of my family members and they are just absolutely incredible! It got me thinking about locally made chefs knives here in South Carolina and low and behold, I found my next splurge item! The story behind Middleton Made Knives is just as beautiful as the knives themselves! You might be seeing me down at the Coastal Cubbord checking out all the inventory they have of his!

We have our knives, and now we need a quality place to chop and prep! Please, please throw out any plastic cutting boards this year and get/gift a beautiful wooden cutting board! Wooden cutting boards are actually more sanitary than their plastic counterparts when properly cared for. If you plan on gifting one this year, make sure to include pure walnut oil to seal it. Recently, I have seen an increase in locally made wooden cutting boards all across the state and that really puts a smile on my face! So, if you have seen a local vendor that carries handcrafted wooden cutting boards, consider gifting that to one of the people on your list this year! While writing this post, I have been swooning over the gorgeous boards from Michael's Woodcrafts in the Upstate! I just cant decide which design is prettier? Can you!?

What top kitchen essentials can you think of to gift?

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