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Gift-mas Day 6: Pantry Staples

On the fifth day of Gift-mas we saw all the shiny, fun kitchen staples for cooking and prep, and on the sixth day of Gift-mas we'll explore all the delicious pantry staples made in South Carolina!

There are just a few items that should be readily available in any South Carolinian kitchen. Ingredients such as rice, cornmeal, salt and spices are all staples of southern cuisine and are also easy to add pizazz to any meal.


Is there anything better than a steaming bowl full of creamy grits in the morning? I LOVE grits for breakfast or to accompany a gourmet meal like fried flounder. Thankfully, South Carolina has so many wonderful mills that make stone ground grits with lots of variety. This is also a great last minute gift since you can find a local variety of grits in large grocery stores and small stores as well. For a unique twist on traditional grits, try the Unicorn grits from Marsh Hen Mill, they are sure to brighten your plate! For a quick bowl in the morning, try the Certified Organic Quick Grits from Congaree Milling Company.


From cornbread to breading for fried treats, cornmeal is a great staple to have in the pantry for quick and easy recipes! Most milling companies will also have cornmeal, but you can find Palmetto Farms in a wide range of stores in SC so its a great last minute gift idea!


The mother of all seasonings, salt. And in South Carolina, salt just doesn't come from the grocery store or some large factory but straight from the salty waters of the lowcountry! If you haven't had one of Bulls Bay Saltworks gourmet salt blends then you are missing out!


This is one category where I'm biased. I found White Wolf Rubs at a farm event last Christmas and we have been hooked ever since. They have options that we can use on our Whole30's and normal diet and boy are they so flavorful! So I always have these stashed in my pantry to shake on meat or veggies. For more ideas on locally made spices, check out the Certified SC website!


Did you know that they still grow rice in South Carolina? Down in the Lowcountry is an old cotton farm turned into a rice plantation! Carolina Gold Rice comes in a cloth bag and is a perfect stocking stuffer or addition to a gift bag! It makes the perfect pot of fluffy rice, just pair with a little salt and butter for a tasty side dish.


If you open the cabinets in my parents kitchen, you are sure to find an old, weathered face of a woman on a four bag. I'm not exactly sure why there is an old bag of flour from the infamous Adluh Flour, but I do have sweet memories every time I see that woman's face on the bag of flour. Many Columbian's know the view from Gervais street where you can see the old mill as it is a Columbia staple! All this to say, Adluh flour is an easy one to find in a grocery store near you!

Another lesser known South Carolina staple is Anson Mills. Their heirloom grains are a welcome gift to professional chefs and hobby bakers alike!


Dried peas are such an easy ingredient to have on hand. Throw them into soups, stews or cook them as their own side dish. While there are many different varieties of peas, there is nothing more South Carolina than the heirloom Sea Island Red Pea! The rise in popularity of other peas nearly caused this small but mighty pea to become "extinct". Thankfully, with the work of farms across SC they have been able to bring this wonderful product back into the spotlight. Now, you can find locally grown Sea Island Red Peas from many farms, mills and you can also find it on the menu at numerous local restaurants!


Ah the sweetest gift to give, honey! Honey has so many fantastic health benefits and is a great natural sweetener for all of your recipes. I always keep a gallon of pure raw honey in the house to use in my baking, teas, on toast or biscuits etc. Check with the SC beekeepers association to find a small apiary near you, but if you are looking for something before Christmas check out Edisto Gold Honey , Horsecreek Honey Farms and Be Well Honey in South Carolina!

What pantry staples will you gift this year? Another great way to gift is to gather it all in a basket and have a beautiful curated gift basket to give out this year!

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