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Gift-mas Day 4: The Kids

There is no denying that every kid, no matter the age, loves getting toys for Christmas. They are so excited to play with their new toys for about a few hours and then they are back to something else and that shiny new toy is forgotten. If you are looking to avoid this cycle, consider a non-toy gift to the kids in your life.

There are a couple of great gift categories that have nothing to do with toys for kids. Something practical, an experience, books, educational items or something totally unique.

For experiences, consider a membership to their local museum, zoo or aquarium. If you are gifting for a family that loves to hike and explore, you could gift a SC State Parks Pass and an Ultimate Outsider book for a fun year of adventures.

Gifts for Baby

Babies might be the easiest to buy for in this category with non-toy items. Diapers are always appreciated by parents but if you are looking to go another route here are some fun ideas for baby! While swaddling your baby is a debated topic these days, there is no denying that swaddles have a zillion uses for baby. Check out the beautiful stylings by Saltwater Swaddles for a unique and locally crated swaddle they will cherish! Blankets are another baby item that you really cant have too many of (we stash blankets everywhere just in case) and these baby blankets from Covered in Cotton made of SC grown cotton are swoon worthy! Don't forget the bibs, bows and diaper clutches to go along with all things baby, hand sewn in SC from Hemming Birds! Don't forget the new mom or dad either! Check out these gorgeous diaper bags made a little further North in NC.

Practical Gifts

Just because a gift is practical doesn't mean that it has to be boring! In fact, what better way to gift something that a kid needs than giving them a fun and unique product! The first practical gift that comes to mind is a warm hat for the winter and with the fun and quirky stylings from the Loopy Loomers, a boring gift can turn into a child's favorite one! Clothes are always more fun when they are bright colors and have the child's favorite item on there! Got a tractor loving kid? Check out these beautiful handmade clothes by Soda City Sewing--there is certainly a style for every kid!

If you've got a little girl that has an abundance of bow and hair ties, check out these beautiful yet practical bow holders from Handmade by Penny May! If you are buying for an older child or tweenager, check out these super stylish scrunchies handmade with fun fabrics. Top off those cute hair bows and accessories with an adorable leotards from Lil' Faye.

Educational and Developmental Gifts

Some of these items could technically fall into the category of toys, but they are certainly more educational than their plastic light up counterparts! For wooden toys that can be passed down for generations, check out the artfully crafted animals from Farquar & Sons Woodworking. Encourage creativity and imagination with painted story prompts from Alleluia Rocks or foster unstructured play with a locally made organic play dough kit from Sweet Surcies!

What local gems have you found to gift to the kids in your life? Let me know in the comments!

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