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Gift-mas Day 3: The Fellas

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Is it just me or are the fellas always some of the harder ones to buy for on your list? There is that hard to find balance between a simple gift that is also fun and unique. So, if you are looking for something to spice up those t-shirts and jeans you get him every year then let's brainstorm!

The Usual Gifts

Traditions are so important during Christmas and traditional gifts are always some of the best! Do you gift a tie every year to your husband's collection? A pair of socks to your dad? Add a little local flair to your traditional gift this year by opting for locally made or purchasing from locally owned stores. I'm always a fan of the bowtie stylings from Brackish Bowties, and as I said in my earlier post, if they are good enough for Bill Murray than they sure as heck are good enough for me! If that is just not your style, no worries try some of the classic styles from The Cordial Churchman or for a bolder style check out R. Hanauer Bow Ties as well. For more ideas on socks and other usual gifts check here.

The Grill Master

This is one of my favorite categories to buy for, and I just wish everyone fell into this category

because it would be so easy to buy. Grilling and smoking is definitely an art form and I admire people who dedicate hours cooking delicious food over a fire in the heat (usually). To make sure that the griller or smoker in your life is equipped with all the tools they need, get them a grill kilt! Yep, like a manly version of an apron to carry all of their equipment and spices. If you haven't seen one yet, you have to check them out! Spice up that kilt with a few surprises in the pockets, like a gift set from Bulls Bay Saltworks or some marinades from Burnt & Salty.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Does the man in your life like to fish, hunt, camp or hike? Giving the gift of high quality gear is always appreciated and when its bought locally, that is just an added bonus! I'm sure there are a lot of South Carolinians that remember the Backpacker. It was always a staple for Christmas shopping and now that they have closed their doors, it just hasn't been the same. There are a few locally owned gear shops left, and I will wholeheartedly suggest shopping there first! Aside from your locally owned gear shops, there are a few places to buy locally made gear. One of the most important peices of equipment for any sport are sunglasses and for affordable, durable and quality sunglasses, check out Rheos Gear out of Charleston. Make sure to keep those new glasses safe and sound while out having fun with some sunglass protectors that float like these from Atollas!

Having the right clothes is more than just a fashion statement when your out on the water or in the stand, check out the stylings of Marsh Wear for all the watersport clothing or Heybo Outdoors for all things hunting.

Hopefully by now there are so many ideas floating around in your head that you can continue to cross of people on that list! What do you plan on buying the hard to buy for man in your life? If its a local idea, please share in the comments with others as well!

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