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5 Ways to Use Up Cucumbers

When summer is in full swing, that usually means that the garden is also! My cucumbers have gone absolutely crazy and are loving the ladder that I have substituted as a trellis! I feel like every time I pass by my raised bed, there is another cucumber waiting to be picked. And the crazy part is that we only have 4 plants!

Cucumbers are one of those vegetables that are reminiscent of summer in the south. Everyone grows cucumbers because they are so easy to grow! On the farm, we would always have at least 50 plants with different varieties. What we didn't share with family, we enjoyed ourselves... By the end of week 1 with salads and cucumbers dipped in hummus, we were all ready for something different. Thankfully, having an abundance of something really helps you tap into that creative mindset and find different ways of using vegetables!

If you are like me and finding yourself with an abundance of cucumbers, try out some of these great ways to enjoy them!

1) Infused Waters and Cocktails

You've heard of drinking cucumber infused water before, right!? It's so refreshing and has lots of added benefits as well! You can pair sliced cucumbers with lemon slices, berries or fresh mint leaves to step up your water game while enjoying a nice treat! Cucumbers are also a great addition to cocktails! Try my Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita and see for yourself just how refreshing a garden margarita is!

2) Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles

These are a fan favorite in my house! There is nothing better than reaching into a cold jar full of vinegar and pulling out a crunchy, salty and tangy cucumber! Pickles are so amazing, but the preservatives and additives from store bought pickles are not, so skip the $5 jar of store bought pickles and whip up a quick batch at home! Check out this recipe from A Virtuous Woman.

3) Cucumber Aloe Facial Mask

Now that we've got our infused waters, let's take the spa theme up a notch and make our own facial masks featuring the soothing properties of cucumbers and fresh aloe vera. What a perfect mask combination for the heat of the summer when it's so easy to get dehydrated and sunburned! You can skip the store bought stuff thats packed full of preservatives and fillers and just make your own right in your kitchen. It will leave your skin feeling naturally rejuvenated! Check out this recipe from Curious Nut

4) Fresh Cucumber Juice

While you are juicing the cucumber to make your homemade face mask, throw a few extra cucumbers in the juicer and drink straight up! When you take away the pulp of the cucumber, you are left with the hydrating effects of cucumber without all of the fibrous parts that fill you up. Thus, you can get the benefits of eating multiple cucumbers without having to feel completely full! The juice is packed with Vitamins A, K and C and is a natural diuretic as well so it can help you flush your system from toxins! Always make sure to consume juices responsibly and avoid over doing it.

5) Tzatziki Sauce

Mediterranean food is one of my favorites and Tzatziki sauce is a huge reason for that. It is a light and refreshing sauce that you can pair with just about anything! Tzatziki is a tasty combination of lemon juice, cucumber and dill in greek yogurt, which makes it a pretty healthy choice as well. Whip up a big batch of tzatziki sauce and use it to dip roasted vegetables, on top of salads, slathered on bread or pita, served with chicken or salmon. The possibilities for this light sauce are endless! Check out this amazing recipe from Love & Lemons!

Whether you are harvesting too many cucumbers from the garden or got too many in your CSA box, don't be intimidated by too many cucumbers! As you can see from my list, there are so many fun ways to use up all those excess cucumbers without having to burn out on sliced cucumbers over salad. You might even consider planting more cucumbers next year after trying some of the items on this list!

What are some of your favorite ways to use cucumbers? Let me know in the comments what your favorite recipe is and if you will be enjoying any of the recipes linked!

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